Wednesday 14 September 2011

Road - Strange Faces in Strange Places

It’s not just the Frankfurt Motor Show that has girls and glamour, the Recycling and Waste Management Show also has more than its fair share of fake tans and bright lipstick. There is a difference though, instead of stretched lycra and high hemlines, it features recycled materials in its high fashion.

The daily fashion shows at this event merely highlights how far the industry has come, with fashion designers commissioned to produce attractive and wearable clothing from its shredded and re-woven fabrics and plastics. Mind you, I still reckon I would have difficulty in selling the concept to the wife. “Here you are dear, it’s not quite natural silk or the finest lambswool, but this material once graced the packaging of offal, pig pellets and used nappies.” Honest, they can recycle anything these days.

For instance, I was speaking to a firm which manufactures truck mounted concrete mixers and they recently concluded a trial in which they used 80 tonnes of crushed glass in the manufacture of concrete for a particular use. They have even used incinerator waste, although I don’t know what was incinerated, or want to know!

The kit is also becoming more sophisticated and specialised these days with machines costing millions just to separate coke bottles from bean cans, and the buyers are out in force. Including one Dave Weston, famous rally driver, who was down there on behalf of the John Lawrie Group which does a lot of metal recycling in the north east. He was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him!
He also had the Missus with him. Apparently he promised Carol a day out in London – but had to stop off in Birmingham on the way south! I wonder if he promised her a meal out – from the burger van.

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