Friday 9 September 2011

Road - The Age of the Tron

First it was daytime lights, then running lights, now it’s lighting up time all round. Ahead of next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi has revealed some images of its new A2 all-electric car.

The four seater has a 116 PS electric motor and Audi reckons it will be good for 124 miles, but perhaps not if you use it’s potential for sub 10 second, 0 to 60 times, but perhaps the most striking thing about it is the wrap-round LED lighting technology.

We’re getting pretty used to trucks with well-lit tractors and trailers plus additional reflective taping around the trailer edges and sides, but applying that to cars is taking things to extreme.

This Audi has an illuminated strip running from the front headlamp all along the waistline to the tail-lamp. What next? Illuminated contours all around and up and down the A, B, C and D pillars. Mind you that’s maybe not such a bad idea if local authorities all across the UK start switching off Motorway lights at night to save electricity.

And if that goes ahead we’ll all have to get rid of those hi-viz vests being carried in cars for fixing punctures at the road side, in favour of illuminated suits like those in ‘TRON: The Legacy’. Somehow I don’t think I’ll look as good in a figure hugging, illuminated one-piece as Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner. More like a burst black pudding!

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