Tuesday 6 September 2011

Road - Make a Fridge Freezer your special friend

Forget the fact that this Ford 350 Super Duty Monster Truck produces 1308 bhp from its 9.5 litre supercharged Chevrolet V8. Don’t even bother with the fact that it weighs nearly 4.5 tonnes and stands 11 feet tall. And who cares if it does no more than 60 yards per gallon (yes, that’s correct – YARDS per gallon!) and can seat only one person.

More to the point, it is fitted with an air cannon that can fire a fridge freezer up to 80 yards. Now how cool is that?

Just think of the possibilities. No-one could ever accuse you of fly-tipping white goods, ‘cos they’d never find them, and you could pay your council tax bill by stuffing the notes in the ice box and firing it through the finance department’s window - on the third floor.

And there’s more. Curry’s could deliver your new fridge freezer even when you’re not at home, and if the neighbours’ kids jump over the fence and trample your dahlias, you could always send them back home, even if they live two streets away. And if the mother-in-law outstays her welcome – well, it might be a bit extreme, but it would be effective!

The possibilities are endless. In fact, a truck like this could become as vital to life as a kettle and a pot noodle.

And where would you get such a thing? Well you might get some ideas at this year’s ‘Top Gear Live’ (www.topgearlive.co.uk) extravaganza on 11 – 13 November at NEC Birmingham and 24 – 27 November at ExCeL London.

This truck will be on show and you could maybe just make a bid to its builder and owner, former European Monster Truck Champion, Rob Williams.

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