Thursday 29 September 2011

Road - Leather Appeal

Go on, take another look at the steering wheel in the photo. Yes, it’s a leather rimmed wheel, and no it’s not in a sports or performance car. This is fitted to my latest press appraisal vehicle, a Ford Transit van.

I can’t stop myself. But every time I clamber aboard and fire it up, I can’t help having a wee giggle to myself. A leather rimmed wheel in a van. It’s ridiculous, but it’s also fabulous. Honestly, it really does make a difference to everyday driving.

It’s the same wheel as fitted to many of Ford’s saloons and at 370 mm in diameter it’s slightly smaller than many other commercial vehicle tillers which gives it a definite dinky and sporty appeal.

But don’t expect this in all Transits, it’s only available in the ‘Trend’ or ‘Limited’ editions.

The trouble is, that’s me ruined for life. If a CV doesn’t have a leather rimmed wheel from now on, I’ll mark it down. Sad, eh?

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