Tuesday 13 September 2011

Road - At the Show

There are some popular misconceptions about motoring journalists. Exotic locations, luxury hotels, fancy food and lots of new cars to drive. That’s not entirely true.

This afternoon for instance, many motoring journalists throughout the UK were flying or driving out to Frankfurt for the Motor Show. And with so many new cars and concepts on display it promises to be quite a show. Tomorrow is Press day when they all get a good look at the metal before the show opens its doors to the public.

On the other hand, some of us won’t get the chance. I have just spent nearly 5 hours on the M6 driving south to the NEC. Yes, I’m going to an exhibition too, but it’s not the Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s nothing like the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Nope, my destination tomorrow is the Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition at the NEC. It will be full of machinery which sorts, separates, selects, or crushes, compacts and compresses. The new Jaguar CX or the new JCB Telehandler? A new all-electric Audi, or a Liebherr steel wheeled compacter? No contest really.

But here’s the thing. While one show is a temple to all things that glitter and engender dangerous covetous desires, the other has to deal with them when the tin worm turns up and the oil turns to sludge.

This will be the fourth RWM show I’ve been to in the past four years, and each year the show gets bigger with more exhibitors and bigger stands with more kit on them. 

So which one is the real growth industry? Which one is the future?

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