Monday 26 September 2011

Rally - Scotland's New Champions

Scotland has two new champions to toast. Yesterday David Bogie and Kevin Rae clinched the British Rally Championship when they finished third overall on the Trackrod Rally in Yorkshire. A top 13 placing was all that was needed to do the business, but they had to finish!

In other words, no risks and no mistakes, drive sensibly and stay out of the ditches, and keep clear of punctures. No easy tasks in a British forest.

Having won the Scottish Championship for a third time this year, this was their first British title and the duo have become only the second Scotsmen to have won both the Scottish and British titles since Colin McRae and Derek Ringer in '91 and '92. Oddly enough, neither Jim nor Alister McRae won their own national title although they both won British titles.

But here's the thing, Colin and Derek went on from that to win a World Championship title! So David and Kevin have some unfinished business out there!

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