Friday, 25 July 2014


In the past couple of years since I started this Blog thing I don't think I've really asked for anything. Well, I'm asking now. Bill Sturrock of Scotmaps is in serious schtook, through no fault of his own. In fact his recent actions have prevented a possible melt-down in British amateur motor sport.

This all stems from a no-win,no-fee action raised against him in court. Bill won his case. An appeal was raised. Bill won that too. Despite being proved innocent of the charges, he's been left with a six figure legal bill. That's not fair, and it's not justice.

Had he lost the case, or even given in and not contested it, it would have raised a serious legal precedent which would have had a knock-on effect right across all branches of motor sport, not just rallying.

We all sign a 'Disclaimer' before taking part in any competitive event, so we know, and should accept, the risks.Some folk seek to challenge that.

A website has been established to explain what happened and to raise awareness of this appeal. He needs our help, and we owe him.

Please help by spreading the word, and please have a look at the website
Please also donate what you can. Thank you.

( By all means have a word with me at any events I'm attending.)

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