Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rally - Jim Clark Award

Doctor John Harrington has been presented with the 2014 Jim Clark Memorial Award in recognition of his contribution to raising medical standards, improving safety at special stage rallies, and the provision of training for paramedics, rally safety crews and for those GPs who are new to the sport.

Supported by the Ford Motor Company, the award is presented annually by the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers to recognise the achievements of any Scot who has made a significant and meritorious contribution to the world of motoring or motor sport. Previous recipients have included Jackie Stewart, David Coulthard, Allan McNish, John Cleland, Gordon Shedden, Steve Hislop, Niall MacKenzie, Andrew Cowan, Louise Aitken-Walker, David Bogie and Rab MacDonald (FIA Technical Delegate). Dr John Harrington is the first medical doctor to have been recognised by this award.

The Doc is a GP working out of the Keith Medical Centre in the north east and attends the majority of special stage rallies in Scotland as Chief Medical Officer. Since his first involvement on the Snowman Rally in 1987, John has recruited a nation-wide network of GPs who turn out to attend Scottish rallies. When he first became involved in the 1980s, the requirement was for a single doctor per event. Even then he realised this was completely inadequate given the nature of the sport and has worked tirelessly to raise standards and ensure there is at least one doctor on every single stage.

John attended the function with his wife Deirdre and was quite taken aback when first informed of the award and very appreciative on the night.

It’s not just the ‘stars’ who make this sport, there are thousands of volunteers around the country who do so much behind the scenes, and John was keen to point that out. Anyway, I thought it was well justified. Even though we don’t want him to be needed, it’s very reassuring to know he’s there.

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