Sunday 6 July 2014

Rally - Morris the Man

Morris still leads ... Tommy Morris still leads the Mach1 Stages Rally after 6 of the event's 8 special stages, but he didn't set the fastest on that last stage, number 6. "The tyres went off," said Tom, "they were OK after SS5 but its getting warm out there and the sun is up."

Alastair Inglis is still second but had a 'committee meeting' with his team last night: "It wasn't handling properly yesterday, said Alistair, "the rear was constantly trying to overtake the front under braking. So we borrowed Alan Gardiner's tracking gauges this morning and that has helped. Now we've got a gear selection issue but it's just a loose rose joint. So I think we're ready to go Metro hunting again!"

Gary Adam is still top 2WD with Alan Gardiner moving up to fifth but Colin Gemmell is back on the case after his over indulgence's yesterday. James MacGillivray is in the top ten, but although his Escort is fit for Mull, it's not liking it here at Machrihanish: "The brakes are constantly overheating," said James, "they don't overheat so badly and they get a chance to cool down." Or maybe it's because he doesn't use the brakes quite so much on Mull - said an observer.

Lucky white heather? After his overnight gearbox swap, Lee Hastings was back in action this morning and set a top six stage time over SS5 so all that effort certainly paid off. Then came SS6. The Subaru started the stage but didn't appear at the Finish line. Then the telephone tinkled back at service. "The car has stopped" - "What happened?" - "The engine just cut out?" - "Were you heavy braking at the time?" - "No, but it happened when we were going off backwards - into a bale!" Apparently, the gearbox is still in perfect working order! 

And would you believe it - The Sheriff is in the top ten. What's the betting there will be porcine fly-past overhead next, eh.

Leaderboard after 6 (of 8 stages):
1, Tom Morris, MG Metro 6R4, 57m 53s
2, Alastair Inglis, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo5, 58m 10s
3, Gary Adam, Ford Escort MkII, 59m 15s
4, Alan Gardiner, Ford Escort MkI, 60m03s
5, Colin Gemmell, Subaru Impreza, 60m 16s
6, Ross Marshall, Ford Escort MkII, 60m 18s
7, Barry McKenna, Ford Escort MkII, 60m 29s
8, Stephen Lockhart, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo7, 60m 41s
9, James MacGillivray, Ford Escort MkII, 61m 56s
10, Brian Watson, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9, 61m 57s

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