Monday 28 July 2014

Rally - More RallySOS

Phew! There has been a huge amount of interest in the RallySOS appeal and we've now got Google Analytics running on the RallySOS website so we'll be able to see how busy that is. There have also been numerous requests to establish a PayPal account, and we are trying to arrange that at the moment.

The big problem is that RallySOS is not a registered charity, because this was set up simply as a one-off appeal to help out one guy who needs a bit of help through no fault of his own. That's why it took so long to set up a bank account in the first place. They were fearful that we were a money laundering operation!

That would appear to be the case with PayPal too who are being ultra-cautious, so please bear with us.

That was why we had to set up 'RallySOS' as an 'association', the three Trustees of which are:
Ian Rae, a close family firend of Bill Sturrock, and former rally driver, co-driver and car builder
Martin Forrest, one of the country's top co-drivers
and John More, former co-driver, current rally organiser and retired banker - but one of the good guys.
He's also the Treasurer for this Association.
Former rally driver Chris Wagner has played an integral part in setting up the website and been a source of constant electronic advice.
All I am trying to do is promote the campaign.
We have all been greatly heartened by all the promises of support so far, but it's not just support that Bill needs, it's hard cash, so please help.

However if you're used to telephone or on-line banking it is a relatively simple process to transfer any donations to the RallySOS account. ALL the money raised will go to Bill's creditors who currently hold the deeds to the family home and his business premises. Rest assured, we are not taking a single penny from this.

Over the next few days, we'll get an idea of how things are going and we'll keep all of you out there up to date, but as I said, please bear with us.

I actually thought it would be easy to open a simple bank account just to pay-in donations and then pass them on to the relevant bank. Given the amount  of information needed, forms filled in, checks carried out and hoops jumped through, it would be far easier to enrol as an astronaut for the next Mars mission!

Thank you one and all.

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