Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New SACC President

The Scottish Association of Car Clubs (SACC) has appointed its first ever President. That's a good move. The sport is not big enough in Scotland to have different factions i.e. rallyists versus racers, or autotesters versus triallists, or whatever. We're all in it for one thing - the love of all things mechanically propelled on wheels.

There's also a need to promote the sport. Some events do better than others, but if we want the press and the general public to take the sport more seriously then it needs to be done on a united front. On that basis a nationally recognisable figure who knows and understands the sport, and is keen to help it promote itself, must be good news.

Apparently, the choice of this first President was unanimous - but if what they wanted was a Volvo, then  what they've got is an Ariel Atom.

Going forward, such a position will require someone who is a good motivator (hefty kick up the backside), stubborn (he could teach mules), no respecter of authority (unless it suits him), no protector of egos (built-in bullshit detector), able to demonstrate tact and diplomacy (he's a car dealer!) and someone who is passionate about the sport (he'll race anything with an engine and wheels), but in all seriousness, someone who will talk and fight a good case.

This was a role we originally thought the recently created SMS (Scottish Motor Sport) could assume, but that organisation has taken on a rather different role at present as it seeks to promote and advance the case of motor sport within the Sports Council and Government. However, once that is sorted we'l need a sound, strong club structure to support it and carry it forward, and that's where the SACC could provide a vital role.

Here's hoping the new Prez doesn't get overburdened with apathy - we're good at that in this sport too.

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