Tuesday 10 September 2013

Road - Type R testing

Guess where Honda has been testing its new Civic Type R? Yup, one look tells you it has been seen in action on the Nurburgring circuit in Germanland. What the picture doesn’t show is who is driving it. None other than Honda’s WTCC driver Gabriele Tarquini.

The new Civic Type R will be powered by a direct injection turbocharged 2-litre engine producing at least 280 PS.

Last year Honda stated that the Civic Type R would become the fastest front wheel drive car around Nurburgring, but the car still faces a further two years of development before going on sale in 2015.

The picture shows that on-track testing has already begun.

Speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Manabu Nishimae, President, Honda Motor Europe, added: “We have recently spent a week at the Nurburgring, carrying out extensive testing and we are on target, and have already set a time approaching the lap record.”

But here’s a thought, Glasgow already has its own version of the Nurburgring. From the new M74 south of the River Clyde head west into town, then right over the Kingston bridge and back east out the M8 to the Bargeddie turn-off on to the M73 and back on to the M74. Now that would be a circuit!

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