Thursday 19 September 2013

Rally - Scots at Pendragon

The top ten for this Sunday's Stobart Rail Pendragon Stages looks pretty good and promises some good battles between the likes of Peter Taylor, Ian Joel and Paul Benn in the heavyweight division, plus Quintin Milne, Damien Cole and Darren Atkinson in their MkIIs. Throw in the likes of Ollie Mellors in the Millington engined Proton, Stuart Baillie in the lime green machine and Chris Anderson in his 4WD Fiesta and there could be just as many fireworks going off on Sunday as there is during the week when the tanks are test firing on the Ranges. Oh, and by the way, don't go picking up anything nice and shiny lying in the long grass!

Top Ten Entries:

1, Peter Taylor/Andrew Roughead  (Ford Focus WRC)
2, Damien Cole/Paul Spooner (Ford Escort MkII)
3, Ian Joel/Katy Mashiter (Ford Escort Cosworth)
4, Quintin Milne/Sean Donnell (Ford Escort MkII)
5, Darren Atkinson/Phil Sandham (Ford Escort MkII)
6, Oliver Mellors/Reg Smith (Proton Millington)
7, Paul Benn/Richard Cooke (Ford Focus WRC)
8, Stuart Baillie/Lachlan Cowan (Subaru Impreza)
9, Chris Anderson/Chris Thirling (Ford Fiesta)
10,Darren Doherty/Stewart Merry (Subaru Impreza)

 Spectator viewing is limited, but is easily accessible, and full info is in the JB rally mag now.

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