Sunday 22 September 2013

Rally - Taylor's Pendragon

Peter Taylor managed to extend his lead over Ollie Mellors to win today's Stobart Rail Pendragon Stages Rally in Cumbria. The margin between the Focus WRC and the Proton was 35 seconds at the finish, but no shame to young Mellors, his car was on the limiter at 120 mph!

The Scots did salvage some pride from their English foray with Jim Sharp taking 6th place overall in his Lancer just pushing the Peugeot of Barry Lindsay into 7th. Jimmy Christie was 9th but had to run without the anti-lag in the Lancer over the final two stages because it was overheating and Stevie Hope rounded off the top ten in his MkII.

Lee Hastings was chuffed with 11th in the Subaru, Nick Thorne was 12th in the Honda and Kenny Moore was a relieved 13th in the Avenger.

Stuart Baillie did managed to finish but well down the field after an 'off' in the first stage and then got Maximum in SS3 with a WD at the split. "We got a puncture in the fifth test too," he said, "and we stopped to change only to find the spare had 15 psi in it - only I didn't realise till we got to the first corner after it!"

Linzi Henderson had a big off in SS6 having to get pulled out of the glaur by the Closing Car. No damage, and she kept going and finished.

Gaving Lloyd had a big off in the Nova in SS7. "We ploughed straight on into a ditch and thought we were going over. Lucky we didn't and we actually drove out the end of the ditch and kept going."

Iain Miller lost 5th gear in the wee Peugeot earlier in the day but did the last two stages with no reverse gear, so he was very concerned that he didn't lose any more gears and was trying hard not to spin in case he needed reverse!

Good day though, but we'll wait for Final Results before making any more rash statements. Full report on the website magazine during the week.

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