Saturday 21 September 2013

Road - Jag on Track

A few weeks back I spent some quality time with 'Jeremy's Jag' the 3 litre V6S F-Type which starred on that memorable Top Gear programme which celebrated British automotive engineering.

In my subsequent review of the car - Jeremy's Jag - I suggested that it would be impossible to find the limits of adhesion on the public road while staying within the national speed limits, and that the only way of truly assessing the vehicle was at a track day. That was because the car had more grip than a jakie on a bottle of Buckfast.

I ended up by saying I wouldn't have the 375 bhp machine because of the likelihood of losing my licence, but that the desirability of the 490 bhp V8 might overcome any rational thought and inbuilt common sense. Well, guess what? Jaguar has invited me to Knockhill next week to drive the F-Type V8S. I'd best cancel my Viagra subscription now then, eh?

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