Sunday 22 September 2013

Rally - Pendragon Tales

Here's a turn up for the books. Top Scot after 4 of 8 stages at the Pendragon today is Stevie Hope! If this is the best that Scottish rallying has to offer when we cross the border then the rest of our sport is dooooomed!

Only kidding, Stevie, but it shows just how quick the boy is when the MkII holds together. He currently holds 12th place overall with Quintin Milne in 14th place in his MkII and the Avenger of Kenny Moore is 15th.

Q had a big spin in the first stage this morning: "We came to a Left 7 and spun on the to the grass, and lost 3 or 4 minutes. I found that someone had turned the brake balance nearly all the way back. Normally the Escort is better than the Lancer under breaking, so I was on it, but when it let go it took me by surprise."

He's still going but following an earlier accident not everyone completed the first stage and fewer completed the second, so most folks have got notional times. It remains to be seen whether the organisers will run with that or cancel the first two tests. Rumours are rife.

Kenny is on his third rebuild of his 2 litre engine: "It was overheating after the last rebuild so it went back to the engine builder. He said it was fine and I said it wasn't!" Anyway the car now has a new block to go with the new cylinder head, s fingers crossed.

It was Darren Doherty who inadvertently caused the first stage cancellation (and subsequent second loop) when he caught a car at the split and was unsighted approaching a downhill left. The Subaru caught a bridge parapet and broke a bottom suspension link so it was stranded.

Oillie Mellors leads the rally first time out in the 2.5 Millington engined Proton by half a minute from Peter Taylor in the Focus WRC. The gap was a minute after two stages, so young Taylor has been melting the tarmac over over the last two.

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