Friday 6 September 2013

Rally - Testing tales

There was a good turnout at today's test day ahead of tomorrow's GWF Energy Merrick Stages Rally and the organisers had laid on a 2 mile stretch of road at the southenr end of Glentrool. Road side log piles ensured no shenanigans, but the event did highlight one issue - dust. Competitors will be praying for rain tonight and hopefully it will be dry tomorrow, but the skies are threatening and the wind is getting up.

In attendance were Mark McCulloch Andrew Gallacher, Craig McMiken, Fraser Wislon, Mike Faulkner, Blair Brown, Alick Kerr, David Bogie, Jim Robertson, Euan Thorburn, Garry Pearson, Chris Collie, Jordan Black, Graeme Smith and Tony Jardine with his celebrity co-driver.

Jon Burn failed to make it as the Subaru's gearbox was still on the garage floor at 6 pm last night - in bits, and Dave Weston didn't turn up with the Focus.

David Bogie did a few runs with Murray Grierson riding shotgun and tried out new diff settings: "Then we went back to the original settings," said David, "but we did change the suspension settings for tomorrow."
Euan Thorburn had a number of things to check out after his Woodpecker Stages run out: "We just got the car back last night," said Euan, "we had trouble on the Woodpecker with the handbrake and hydraulic gearshift, and we still had our ongoing problem with fuel pressure. I think we've solved that now, Dom (Buckley) got on to Bosch directly and they suggested a different fuel pump."

Mike Faulkner tried out a diff controller: "We've fitted a Gems unit to control the front diff and it seems to have made a difference. It gets off the line quicker."

Scott Peacock finished the build of his new 205 this morning after its wreck on the Solway Coast: "There were 9 or 10 of us working on it last night," said Scott, "then Keith (Riddick) left at 2 am and Callum and I finished at 3 am. I got up early this morning to fit the seats and belts, and here we are."

Garry Pearson was giving his newly rebuilt engine a shakedown in the Fiesta: "It was a major rebuilt," said Garry, "we hit a rock on the Scottish and it split the sump - but we didn't realise till half a mile later - when the orange light came on!"

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