Monday 9 September 2013

Road - Bubblewrap

It’s taken a while but Citroën has come up with the ideal solution for those who live in congested city centres and use multi-storey car parks. A car that resists parking scars caused by those selfish eedjits who throw open their car doors and clatter the panels and doors of anything parked next to them.

It’s a modern form of bubble-wrap. The flanks of the Citroën Cactus are protected by a removable and replaceable panel which has ‘airbumps’ built in and which will absorb parking scars. It will be offered in different colour combinations too so the fashionistas can change it as the mood take them to match their hairdos and claes.

It will also be handy for any Weegie drunks stoatin’ off the sides as they stagger along SausageRoll Street after an evening’s liquid conviviality.

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