Sunday 22 September 2013

Rally - More dragon tales

With 6 of today's 8 stages gone on the Stobart Rail Pendragon, Peter Taylor is leading but by only 10 seconds from Ollie Mellors, and there's nothing between them with two stages to go. The big problem is traffic. Starting their second run  at each test on 30 secs, they are mixed in with some of the midfield runners starting on the minute, and that's complicated by the fact they do two loops of each test which further compounds the problem.

That might also account for some of the 'interim results' that we have seen during the course of the day.

It would appear that the top Scot now is Jim Sharp in 7th place on the same time as Barry Lindsay in the lunatic Peugeot. Jimmy Christie is 11th, Stevie Hope 13th, Lee Hastings 14th, Nick Thorne 15th and Kenny Moore 16th with this last four separated by 9 seconds.

Allan Cameron is getting in some Mull practice in the Subaru and is lying in a not too shabby 23rd place at the moment, but I think we'll need to wait till results go Final to make sure who has done what.

Milne and Watson have gone home. After his earlier troubles, Q struck an English 'finkelstein' and bent a chassis leg, and Watson took a WD at the split (navigator, one Barry Groundwater Esq!) after his double puncture. Y'know, this lot shouldn't be allowed out without their carers at the weekend.

Shooey Steel has been off on two tests. A straight on on the 3rd required the use of reverse gear to regain the road, and then a spin and a stall left him with a non-starting hot engine - so he bump started it in reverse. And Shooey's excuse: "Once a fud, always a fud!"

Not sure if Stephen Hay is still going, didn't see him coming through SS6, and after all their sterling efforts at last service. Linzi Henderson had the wee Peugeot 107 cut out on her when the battery terminal clip was knocked off after a heavy landing over a jump.I wonder if her Dad knows just how well she can swear?

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