Tuesday 17 September 2013

Rally - Dale out of Hosp

Lucky white heather? After surviving that horrific bonfire on a certain weekend 3 months back, erstwhile rally driver Dale Robertson managed to injure himself a week ago cavorting about a field with a bunch of big burly blokes.

As team captain for Duns rugby team his team were playing Hawick Harlequins in the East Regional League Division when he got involved in a tangle which resulted in Dale getting a horrifically broken leg.

He was hurtled off to hospital and detained while the medics set about patching him up. Fortunately he has now been released, but is a bit heavier than when he went in – he’s got a big bolt holding his leg bones together.

There is one benefit though. He won’t need a belt or braces from now – just a magnet in his trouser pocket. That’ll keep them up.

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