Saturday, 7 September 2013

Rally - Thorburn's Merrick

Results are still provisonal at the end of today's GWF Energy Merrick Stages Rally as the last stage has been stopped to remove a car from a dangerous position, but the leaders are back in Wigtown.

Euan Thorburn won by 44 seconds from David Bogie. "I wasn't sure how well I had done at the end of that last one," said Euan, "I knew David was 'on it' but my windscreen steamed up and I couldn't see the road. I'm relieved more than delighted."

As for David, the orange Focus appeared at the finish minus its front bumper: "I got  a puncture and the car just spun right across the road," said David, "it didn't slow me down I kept pushing but it was too much to give away to Euan."

In third place was Quintin Milne: "The ABS sensors failed in that last stage," said Quintin, "it was seriously slidey. We also burst a brake pipe, again, but we know what it is now, so all we have to do is fix it."

Mike Faulkner salvaged firth place after his team's heroic effort to rebuilt the front end of the car during the 30 minute service and Jon Burn was delighted with sixth first time out this year.

Chris Collie was on for a good result going into the last stage with fifth overall, but hooked a log pile and damaged the rear suspension and burst a tyre and broke a wheel rim, so he finished 11th. Barry Groundwater didn't finish at all. He cowped it big time on this event last year and did it again this year! 

So the leaderboard shows:
Thorburn, 42m 22s
Bogie, 43m 06s
Milne, 43m 46s
Weston, 44m 00s
Faulkner, 44m 09s
Burn, 45m 18s
Inglis, 45m 39s
Gallacher, 46m 07s
McMiken, 46m 25s
Brown, 46m 31s

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