Sunday 29 September 2013

Rally - FunFight at Kames

After 10 of today's 16 stages at Kames, Robert Wrigth leads the 'senior event' in his Fiesta from Billy Cowe's Subaru by 55 seconds, but the battle in the Ecosse Junior 1000 Challenge is much closer.

Alex Vassallo leads by 5 seconds from William Creighton, both in Citroen C1s with Michael Dickie third in the Toyota 11 seconds behind the second place man (boy?) but only 2 seconds behind him is fourth placed Ben  Crealey in the Micra. Harry Marchbank lost out on the very first stage when a driveshaft broke, but he's still going, albeit down in 14th place out of the 18 Juniors who turned up this morning.

There is however, one other battle for glory which transends anything going on elsewhere this weekend, and that is the duel between John McClory (Snr) and Stephen McClory (Jnr). At the moment, Stephen in the 1 litre Micra is 4 seconds ahead of the ol'man first time out in the new family Fiesta 1600. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your age group or family preference, John is beginning to get the hang of the Fiesta and is gradually sorting it out, whereas the boy is absolutely flatters everywhere and nothing left to give!

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