Monday, 24 September 2012

Road - Polis watching

Well, there I was parked up, and minding my own business in the local builders merchant’s yard when a large white van wheeled through the gates and parked up near the warehouse door.

Seconds behind him came a silver grey Vauxhall Astra which stopped right in the middle of the yard across the nose of the van.

Out stepped a Policeman adjusting his white topped cap. It was an unmarked Police car.

Intrigued I wound down the window – all the better to eavesdrop.

The officer approached the van driver: “We’ve been following you for the last mile. You’ve been exceeding the speed limit and you’ve been using a hand-held mobile phone. Would you please come with me to the Police car?”

How could the chap refuse such a polite offer?

He was still sitting in the back of the car when I left the yard.

It happened again at the weekend. This time a white Ford Focus pulled up another van driver. This eedjit was smoking while using a hand-held mobile phone.

And the moral of this story? Traffic cops don’t always drive around in battenburg BMWs.

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