Thursday 11 August 2011

Road - Power to the People!

In it's bid to lead the 'Big Society' the Government promised to listen to the people - that is, provided enough of them made their opinions felt. To that end, they created some space on the Government website for on-line petitions.

The good news is that the 'FairFuel UK' petition is leading the way. To date, the petition has received 18,000 signatures but it needs more. If this e-Petition gets more than 100,000 supporters, then it will almost certainly force a full debate in Parliament on the issue.

The petition is calling for the Government to scrap the planned 4p per litre fuel duty increases scheduled for January and August 2012 and to implement actions to bring down and stabilise fuel prices.

If you want to become part of democracy at work, then log-on and sign-in.

The link to the e-petition is at:

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