Monday 29 August 2011

Rally - Bogie's Bad News and Jock Shock

Mike Faulkner and Euan Thorburn top the entry list for this Saturday’s ProTune Remapping Merrick Stages at Wigtown in the absence of David Bogie. The current Dulux BRC points leader will be unable to contest his home event. The car needs to be rejigged and retuned ahead of Rally Yorkshire in two weeks time and it won’t be back in time for next Saturday.

The starting line-up will also be missing Jock Armstrong. When speaking to him at the Solway Stages he said: “We had a look under the car after our wee ‘off’ on Speyside and there’s more damage than we thought. Now we’re thinking do we fix it, or do we fit bigger brakes, better suspension and a new engine?”

That means we’re in for another cracker from the closely matched Euan Thorburn and Mike Faulkner who shared identical times on 4 of the Speyside’s 8 stages, and Robbie Head and Phillip Morrow who finished 10 seconds apart.

Reay MacKay will miss the Merrick too: “It wasn’t the gearbox that broke on Speyside,” he said, “it was the wiring – so the car’s back at Buckley’s getting a new loom made!”

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