Wednesday 17 August 2011

Race - 200 mph - in a Skoda!

Us rallyists know all about Skoda (think John Haugland!) so we’re only too well aware of the company’s reputation, but did you know the Octavia vRS is ten years old this year? To celebrate this milestone, Skoda took one to Bonneville, that's in Americky by the way..

The standard 2 litre four cylinder TSI petrol engine was used with a bigger Garrett turbo generating over 500 bhp and was running a water methanol mix rather than petrol. The car itself was lowered by 80 mm and a modified subframe used to accommodate a bigger intercooler. And that was it.

The fastest run of the series topped out at 202.15 mph, but the team have now set their sights on the 2 litre production car record which stands at 216 mph.

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