Tuesday 23 August 2011

Rally - Garry in a Hurry

Further to the weekend’s Ulster Rally, I got a wee note from Monty Pearson (Garry’s faither!) this morning with a bit more detail about Garry and Laura Marshall’s stunning run to third place in the BRC Challenge in their 1 litre Nissan Micra.

Halfway through the first stage on Saturday morning, the 19 year old was having trouble with gear selection and had to ease off on the next stage before service. The service crew found that the engine mountings had stripped their threads and there wasn’t enough service time to fix it properly.

So the engine mountings were wedged solid and the lad sent on his way with strict instructions to go easy when letting the clutch out. Imagine trying to tell a teenage rally driver to go easy!

Anyway, the class win means that Garry is now fifth overall in the Dulux Trade BRC Challenge and his 18 year old Co-Driver Laura Marshall is fourth.

Considering this was Garry’s first event in Northern Ireland and in changeable very wet and slippery conditions this was a very mature drive from the two youngsters.

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