Tuesday 30 August 2011

Road - Impressing the Locals

The arrival of a Range Rover Evoque in the village has caused quite a stooshie. When I parked it outside the Post Office, the lady in the coffee cafe next door rushed out to have a look. Her opinion: “It’s fabulous”.

Even the local bread-snappers were rubber-necking as I drove past, and it was also the subject of staring and pointing from numerous other passing motorists.

When I parked it outside the house, the neighbour was out with his iPhone, while the guy from two doors up wandered down and stopped for a natter about the Evoque, “I was just passing,” he said. Rarely has a car attracted this amount of interest in the area.

I have to admit, the arrival of the press demonstrator was the first time I had seen it in the flesh having missed the launch last month in Liverpool. In the pictures it looks like a squashed Range Rover, but in the flesh (metal?) it looks the bizz. Yes, it’s shorter, narrower and not as tall as the RR, but the proportions make it look quite big till you stand up close. No doubt the huge 19 inch wheels have something to do with the illusion. It’s weird.

Inside there is plenty of room up front for two biggies and just about enough legroom in the back for two adults although the sloping roof line wouldn’t suit basketball players!

First impressions? It’s not a blinged up Freelander, it really is a mini Range Rover and has the presence and appearance to match. It’s also got an array of push-button 4WD controls on the console, so maybe I’ll get a chance to drive it off-road later today.

It should be in the showrooms from 9th September and prices start from 28 grand, but considering its head turning looks, few other cars for the money could match its appeal.

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