Thursday 4 August 2011

Road - A Jaguar for the People

A lot has been written in recent weeks about the new Jaguar XF with the 2.2 litre diesel engine, and it has all been good. Rarely does a car get universal praise from the UK's motoring writers. Well, I ain't going to rock the boat either.

Very few people will need any more Jaguar than this. The 2.2 litre engine generates 190 PS but it feels more, that's down to the new 8 speed auto box which maks the most of what the engine has. It'll do 0 to 60 in 8.5 secs and has a top speed of just over 140 mph. Who needs any more in this limit plagued and speed camera infested country?

I drove it during a rain storm up through the Sma' Glen north of Crieff with serious waatter running down the road and dodging the log lorries coming out of Griffin Forest! It got so bad at one point I pulled over cos the wipers couldn't cope. Then when I crossed the wee bridge over the River Almond I thought I saw an ark passing underneath with twa dugs and a bloke with a crook and a beard, or was that Moses?

Seating and driving position are superb, ride quality excellent and it drives like a proper 'sporting' saloon. That's not something that could be said of diesel saloons until recently, but this really is nice. It's 6 grand cheaper than the 3 litre diesel version, but unless you're chauffeuring Desperate Dan and his two cow-pie munching heavies, then you won't need the V6, so think of the money you'll save.

Think also of the fuel you'll save, at 70 mph in top gear, the engine is doing just 1200 rpm - and it pulls away cleanly from there.

What's not to like about Jaguar's new baby XF.

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