Sunday 7 August 2011

Rally - Scottish Championship Decided!

David Bogie and Kevin Rae are the new Scottish Rally Champions, scoring a hat-trick of title wins. With two rounds remaining the duo had an unchallenged run to victory today, after Jock Armstrong crashed out, to score another emphatic win.

Euan Thorburn and Mike Faulkner resolved their day long tussle in Thorburn's favour, when Faulkner overshot a 90L on the final stage losing a few crucial seconds.

Robbie Head scored his best result of the season so far with fourth place ahead of Callum MacKenzie on his third run out this year in the Lancer - and looking like his last for some time as nappy duty is about to beckon some time soon!

Barry Groundwater scored sixth and Phillip Morrow lost a top six placing when a 6 minute time penalty sent him plunging down the finishing order. He actually booked into Service 3 minutes early which was penalty-free, but forgot to adjust his departure time. An easy mistake, but costly.

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