Friday 26 August 2011

Road – Ideal Christmas Present?

Did you know Bentley Motors have a range of Estede solid gold sunglasses to match their cars? Or if gold is too chav, then there is a platinum option? 

Just one wee problem, if you fancy a pair for yourself and the wife, then you’ll need to be bolstered by a severe dose of Christmas spirit (an 18 year old Macallan should do the trick!) when you place the order.

All the frames and sunglasses are made to order, with the customer specifying the frames or sunglasses in the size needed, and in white, pink, yellow gold or platinum. The case can also be made to order and can be in any hide colour that Bentley offers. Don't all rush at once.

Now we come to the painful bit. Prices start at €10,000 for the limited edition 18ct gold sunglasses while the ‘standard’ models start from €7,700. As for the platinum sunglasses, you’ll need at least €31,500.

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