Wednesday 26 June 2019

World racing capital?

The Americans have a way with words, don't they? Everything is bigger over there not just in physical size but in imagination, description and vocabulary. Last month they claimed Indianapolis is the racing capital of the world, or is it? It doesn't compare to the racing capital of Scotland - Dunfermline.

The Indianapolis track is 2.5 miles long and has 4 corners all turning the same way and is pretty much a flat out blast.

Knockhill is 1.3 miles long and has 8 corners, 6 of which are right handers, 2 lefthanders and a long curving left hander 'straight' (not counting reverse direction!). It also has 8 elevation changes depending on whether you are driving or cycling and even more if you are walking the circuit! It therefore requires more steering input and more use of gears, clutches and brakes.

No contest. But I might just be ever so biased.

Find out for yourself this weekend when the Bennett's British Superbike Championship comes to the Kingdom of Fife. If you've never been it offers up intimately close high speed racing and a cacophany of nerve tingling, hackle raising sounds.

The bikes themselves are monsters. Capable of 200mph, they weigh less than a racehorse. The leather clad jockeys are different too, as they manhandle the power of over 200 Red Rums which spend each lap trying to chuck them off their backs.

It's one thing seeing them on the telly, it's quite another experiencing them live. To stand at the exit of the Hairpin and watch these horizontal machines rear up to the vertical and launch themselves at full bellowing blast up the hill is one of life's most memorable, visceral sensations. The BSB weekend gets underway this Friday with two 30 lap Superbike races on Sunday and a full supporting cast of other bikes, riders and races.

The MacKenzie clan were at Knockhill a couple of weeks back testing with faither Niall chasing after the two boys Tarran and Taylor, but they'll have less time for a chat this weekend. All we can do is just stand back and marvel at the bravery, speed, control and commitment. Mind you the Americans actually do have a word which does this spectacle justice - awesome!

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