Wednesday 5 June 2019

Rally - David Gillanders, the Book!

Too late for Father's Day but might well be worth waiting for is a new book to be published towards the end of June. 

Entitled 'DAVID GILLANDERS – I do all the talking!’ the book recalls the life and times of former British National Rally Champion and Scottish Rally Champion, David Gillanders. To say he has led, and still leads, a chequered life doesn't do the man justice unless the chequers are multi-coloured, textured and comprised of different shapes, and not just black and white squares!

Jack Davidson has put the tale together and copies can be ordered/purchased directly from Jack at £15.00 + £4.00 p&p (UK), for more information contact Jack at:

I do have one worry though. If a librarian gets hold of one of these, under what category will it be filed - Reference, Fact, Fable, Fiction or Science Fiction!

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