Sunday, 23 June 2019

Rally - The Hired Gun

Once again, Dunoon made the Argyll Rally feel welcome and had even asked the Holy Loch Sailing Club's own Brian 'The Hired Gun' to open proceedings with a bang. Using what could be loosely called a starting pistol, but was in fact an accurate and miniature version of a cannon, Brian 'started' the first 3 cars in the 2WD section and the first 3 in the 4WD category. 

The array of three cannons were manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company and presented to the HLSC by the American Navy when they left the Holy Loch in 1992. Naturally Brian used 'blank' 12 bore cartridges but they didn't half make a bang. In fact, the explosions were so loud they might well have caused a few unsuspecting tourists and visitors to have laundry accidents. 

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