Friday 28 June 2019

Rally - TV punditry

In this week's 'Motorsport News' there was a wee newsy snippet accompanying the main Dunoon presents Argyll Rally report. Contributors are always asked to keep their eyes and ears open when reporting on major events and submit any additional colourful, newsworthy nuggets of information.

Not all of these stories appear in the weekly paper and not always recounted in full as supplied. Contributors, as well as 'staffers' are subject to the scrutiny and the red pen of the Sub-Editor! Over the years there have been a few wee victories such as the acceptance of the word 'stoor' but not grush, glaur or muckle. Similarly, in the early days, the word 'midge' was always replaced with mosquito, that is until some of the staffers ventured north for the Scottish or Burmah rallies and discovered for themselves that the 'midge' is worthy of its own unique identity. Their theory quickly formed that this is a separate species and far worse than any mosquito.

Anyway in the interests of truth and accuracy here is the full un-edited piece as sent to MSN:

" Supported by the Royal Aero Group, the KNC Groundworks Scottish Championship featured a 'Big Screen TV' at the Service Area for the first time. Live images and interviews by Becksport Media were broadcast with Matt Cotton and Luke Barry interviewing crews at stage finishes and on-stage commentary supplied by 'technical pundit' rally driver Andy Kelly and supplemented - and interrupted - by commentary from former co-driver, the inimitable and sometimes politically incorrect, Roy Campbell. Hopefully this popular feature can be implemented in future events. "

Mind you there is a 'third' version of this tale, and ever so slightly longer and perhaps even more embellished than the one above, but that is being saved for the on-line magazine at  That is if we dare to publish it?

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