Friday 21 June 2019

Rally - Jockless

The race for the 2019 KNC Groundworks Scottish Rally Championship just opened up a wee bit this morning, or got a bit tighter depending on your point of view. There will be no orange and black Subaru Impreza running in tomorrow's Dunoon presents Argyll Rally. Jock Armstrong had a wee test on Wednesday with the car then washed it down and put it on the trailer. It was then he noticed a wee puddle under the engine block. He thought nothing of it having just washed it, but stuck his finger in it, sniffed it and thought he smelled petrol. Head gasket gone. Jock said: "I took it down to TEG Sport yesterday but they're just too busy at the moment and there's no way they could fix it before the weekend. I did think about hiring a car but with no time to test a different car, I just didn't want to take the risk. So I phoned Cammy (Fair) and broke the bad news."

So it's down to Euan and Garry tomorrow, or Bruce or John, or Michael or Simon, or Mark or Iain, or ....

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