Saturday 8 June 2019

Sir Boyd Tunnock

Arise Sir Boyd Tunnock, the Laird of Teacake Towers ... Richly deserved and long overdue, the folk who supposedly run this country have finally recognised the generosity and achievements of a man who should have been knighted long ago for services to his community and country, to the disadvantaged and the deserving, to sport and to culture. The man's heart is as big as his bakery.

He's been an awfy good pal to motor sport as well. He has supported events, individuals and teams over the years, while many of us have chomped our way through Tunnock's pies at Dervaig in the middle of the night in October, sooked the succulent middle out of  a Tunnock's Teacake in a dark, damp Welsh forest and chewed Tunnock's Caramel Wafers in the Pit Lane at Silverstone.

The man is not just a knight, he's a saint - Saint Tunnock of Biscuitry, lang may yer chocolate flow.

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