Wednesday 16 March 2016

Road - A worried man

Editorial concern is being expressed within the granite towers of Castle Bunnet ahead of this weekend's Border Counties Rally. It has nothing to do with the event itself, but in their infinite kindness (?) Fiat have sent their latest Fiat 500 Lounge special edition model for appraisal and opinion. Neither has this concern anything to do with the velocipede itself or its marvellous wee 875cc TwinAir engine, it's all about the colour. It's actually more vibrant in the flesh than in the photo. The Laird of Bunnet is convinced that the colour is blush pink while Lady B is trying to placate him by saying it's more orangey! So if you see the big chap this weekend, be kind to him. Anyone got a spare 'jimmy hat' and false beard which could be loaned out for this weekend only?

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