Monday, 7 March 2016

A modest life

Those of you who have followed the adventures of Jaggy Bunnet from the early days of the 1980s in the 'Scottish Rally Championship Newsletter' and 'Road Sport North' newspaper and other outlets may well recall that Exocet (aka, the mother-in-law) made a few appearances. Sadly, she passed away today (6th March) at the age of 92.

Until fairly recently she lived on her own, fiercely proud and independent, until diagnosed with leukaemia. Nothing could be done. Leukaemia is just one of life's nastier, sneaky, invidious pernicious and unpredictable afflictions that attacks healthy tissue directly while indirectly attacking the soul and compassion of those nearest and dearest family members and friends.

Death can be so cruel at times. Regardless of whether it's an unexpected, sudden visit or a protracted, long drawn out affair, it's not just the sufferer who is affected, it is those around them. Such prolonged goodbyes are not solitary experiences, they affect family members and friends. Suffering rarely ever visits alone.

This grand old lady doted on her daughter, Lady Bunnet and granddaughter, Baby Bunnet and who knows she may even have liked me, just a wee bit. She lost her husband a few years back. His latter years were spent in a wheelchair with an oxygen bottle strapped to the undercarriage, courtesy of emphysema and an early career in the Lanarkshire steelworks.

Even so we had many good times. Really good times. We pushed that bluidy wheelchair around  Skye, the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, Beamish Open Air Museum and countless country parks and garden centres in between till he could be pushed no more. It was those happier memories which made the darker episodes tolerable.

Chirsty Watson, or Peggy as she was known, was originally from Skeabost in Skye. She was a nurse during the war in Glasgow and latterly a nurse in a Care Home in Lanarkshire, and then had to care for her husband David in her retirement. She was no politician or philanthropist, but she made a difference. May she rest in peace now.

Speaking of politicians, it made me think that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP is mis-titled, perhaps he should be called the Sickness & Meanness Secretary. Over recent months Lady B and myself can only praise the medical professionals, doctors, junior doctors and particularly the nurses and careworkers, but they are all hampered and hindered by lack of support and resources. Just as this is the 'caring profession' so it needs a 'caring professional' in the Government running the NHS.

There is one other I should mention, Lady B. I always thought she was a saint. I was wrong. I think she is actually an angel.

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