Friday 25 March 2016

Rally - Forum

Diary Date - 28th April ... If the previous two postings have stirred up a bit of interest then the next 'RallyFuture Forum' event being hosted by the MSA at Carlisle might be of interest.

This is just the latest in a series of seminars being arranged around the UK to explain rallying's new rules to those who are interested, and hopefully to listen to other points of view. Another event is being planned for Scotland but no dates or venues have been confirmed. Anyway, this next one will benefit from the fact that the 2016 season operating under the new rules is already underway and much experience has already been gained.

The venue is The Shepherds Inn, Montgomery Way, Carlisle, CA1 2RW, which is just off the M6 at Junction 43 (behind Lloyd Land Rover), with arrival from 7pm for a prompt 7.30pm start on Thursday 28th April.
Amongst the guests will be Malcolm Wilson OBE, David Bogie, Nicky Moffitt, Safety Delegate, Sue Sanders, Safety Delegate and some other high heid yins from the MSA.

The organisers would also like to know how many folk are intending to visit and if you could email that would be very much appreciated. But don't confuse this evening with a lighthearted and entertaining sporting forum, this is intended to be a more serious discussion about what the MSA is planning and how the sport should be responding. If you are there to learn or have something to contribute then you will be more than welcome.

Apparently the Shepherds Inn has a small private meeting room for up to 20 folk and another for up to 100, with a bigger room for up to 400 should the occasion demand!

If you can't make it, then there might well be a quiet wee soul sitting at the back taking notes - and you can read about it here afterwards!

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