Monday, 21 March 2016

Rally - Sock Jock

Not only did Jock Armstrong and Paula Swinscoe have new ovies on Saturday, they had new matching socks. To commemorate their championship title victory last season, long time team supporters Holy Socks have introduced a rather novel design to their catalogue featuring a woven star-jumping Jock and Paula.

The unique design of the socks allows them to be worn on either foot, so you can't put them on the wrong way round on a dark and wintry morning. Or if you buy two pairs, you have can have two jocks one day and two paulas the next! Naturally there is only one colour, bright orange.

Holy Socks are promising to add these team support socks to their range for sale to the public although the mind boggles as to how fans will display their allegiance at events. I can't imagine many folk walking into the forests without their boots and waving their feet as their heroes go by. Or maybe it will be a case of  taking their shoes off at prizegivings - cue handing out clothes pegs or nose clips!

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