Tuesday 8 March 2016

A final word

With regard to my previous post, many thanks indeed for the kind words and wishes, but a couple of folk wondered where the name came from. The name Exocet was originally a French surface launched, anti-ship 'stealth' missile i.e. you didn't know it was coming but you certainly knew when it got there with a warhead big enough to sink a large ship. You might think that unkind, but it was meant in jest purely in the interests of scene setting and fictional story telling. In fact, Lady B actually tipped off the grand old lady after the first time it appeared in print, and nothing was said. Officially.

She got her own back. She once saw me looking decidedly poorly and enquired after my health. She asked me what was wrong and how it happened. I told her it was a hangover, and naturally blamed outside influences and so-called friends, which was partially true. It was the morning after Colin McRae's celebratory party in Lanark after winning the World Rally title. Apparently Alister had spiked the blackcurrant jelly with vodka. Lots of it. Not being a vodka drinker I didn't twig, I just thought the blackcurrants were rather succulent. Anyway, the next morning I was distinctly not well, hence the need for understanding and lots of Irn Bru.

What I got was a 'sympathetic' response delivered in a soft, lilting Highland accent, "May the Lord increase your pain!" It too was meant in jest - I think.

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