Thursday, 3 March 2016

Rally - Autosport mag

Looks like Haymarket Publishing are getting excited by this year's new-look BRC. Autosport has a 6 page feature today. I know it's £3.70 (the price of a bottle of lager in Bridge of Allan) but I know which would last longer too! With MSN's big coverage yesterday and Autosport's today, hopefully the increased interest and coverage will continue throughout the year. If it does, maybe we can encourage them to do more on the National front. Autosport used to have a separate National rallying section but when it shut down all we had left was MSN. If that goes, then we'll be left with nowt and we'll have to rely on t'internet. I know there is some good stuff on-line these days but you have to search out the nuggets out from the dross. Anyway, the Autosport article looks good and reads well.

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