Wednesday 23 March 2016

Rallying & Rebellion

Earlier today the Grand Prix Drivers Association published a letter criticising the governance and future direction of Formula 1 motor racing:

It's one thing to publish a list of hopes and ideals, but just suppose the FIA and the F1 promoters choose to ignore it? What will the GPDA do then - nowt, go in the huff or strike?

Whatever, the debate has been ignited, but it will be interesting to see if it takes off or is a damp squib.

Which raises the subject of not just world rallying, but rallying here at home. If there was an influential world body representing world rally drivers it could perhaps be used to promote the needs of rallying at national level and the interests of amateur rally drivers. Without them, there is no world rallying.

There is a lot that is good about British national rallying, but there is a whole range of problems fast  appearing over the horizon which need to be addressed, and not just the perennial issue of ever rising costs and a lack of volunteer officials.

Better maintained forestry roads
Access to closed public roads
Amateur organising team workload
Over regulation
Safety Delegates
Press accreditation and restrictions
Seat 'lifing'
Cost of ARDS courses
.. to name but a few

And why do events need to have a Child Protection Officer? What the heck are parents and guardians for?

If ever a 'World Rally Drivers Association' was needed, then it is now. And if they won't do it, who will? All we've got to lose - - is our sport.

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