Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Road - On yer bike

ŠKODA AUTO has just unveiled its 2012 range of bicycles which might come as something of a surprise to those who didn’t realise that they make bicycles as well as cars. And just like the cars, the prices are creeping up! But also, just like the cars, the quality is there too and there are seven models to choose from.

Coinciding with the announcement, both Juho Hänninen and Jan Kopecký, have been named ambassadors for the 2012 ŠKODA bicycle and accessory range.

“Bicycles are an essential part of our training,” said Jan, “Before every rally, we clock up several hundred kilometres.”

This year’s range includes an ‘MTB’ model and ‘MTB Full’ with a full-suspension frame, or there is the ‘Cross’ which is more versatile.  There is also an 8.4 kilogramme ‘Road’ racer with an aluminium frame and carbon fork. 

And just so they don’t feel left out, the weans can opt for an ‘MTB-Junior’, which is dimensioned to fit a child but has similar technology to the adult bikes. This includes a lockable front fork and 21-speed transmission.

ŠKODA actually has a long history of bicycle racing and supports a number of cycling teams in Europe.

Just don’t expect to find them in the Halfords ‘Cut Price Sale’ collection!

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