Monday 21 May 2012

Road - Become a writer

Despite what I have said in the past, there are many folk out there who still think the life of a freelance motoring writer is glamorous, exciting, life-enhancing and mind-enriching, with lots of overseas trips and luxury hotels, fluffy towels and room service, tapas and cocktails with wee umbrellas, rich food and gorgeous PR girls. Oh, and some driving too.

On the other hand, it can be wet, windy and cold while sitting in the back of a car in a Service Area on the M6 trying to write up a feature on the laptop before your free hour’s worth of Wi-Fi access is used up following the purchase of an extortionately priced carton of watery cardboard flavoured coffee bean grindings and floor sweepings. And all because the deadline is looming.

Journalists and photographers live their life by deadlines. If they miss it, it’s an ear-bashing at best, sacked or no fee at worst. That means no time for shopping in exotic locations, lounging by the pool on assignment, and no time for the bar in airports. The deadline is the red lined, rev limit before the engine goes bang.

Gone are the days of 3 day press trips, business class air fares, five course meals and free bars. Now it’s a flight out one afternoon and back the next, queuing for hours to get through security and passport control, fighting for the arm-rest on a Queasyjet, stale air and wet armpits, a dry choke on the in-flight sandwich and dislodging it with some tepid, coloured water. And still trying to write up hastily written notes taken during the trip.

Or not. In this case, it’s off to the Cotswolds tomorrow for the launch of the new Isuzu D-Max pickup.

But here’s the thing. Isuzu are launching a wee competition for any poor misguided soul who is still hankering after a life as a motoring hack.

Isuzu UK will give eight folk the chance to experience a day in the life of a motoring journalist, test driving the new Isuzu D-Max pickup, which goes on sale next month.  The competition winners will undergo a full product briefing before taking the pickup on a comprehensive road driving route and then tackling a purpose-designed off-road course.

To apply, entrants must submit up to 200 words detailing why they should win one of the eight places at:, where the full competition rules and terms and conditions are also available.  The closing date for entries is 4 June.

During the event, the winners will be encouraged to use their own social media channels to inform and entertain their family, friends and followers.  Following the event, the winners can also submit a test drive report to Isuzu which will be featured on the Isuzu D-Max website.

So if you do fancy it, why not have a go - and do it now. Maybe I should have a go myself, or maybe not, I’d probably get gubbed!


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