Thursday 31 May 2012

Road - Beating the AA

Not content with launching a new bargain priced pickup on to the market, Chinese manufacturer Great Wall have come up with a rather unique roadside recovery service to back up the 3 year Warranty on their Steed pickup.

Instead of contracting out to the AA, RAC or Green Flag they have chosen to instigate their very own highly personal service.

This service has numerous benefits. Fossil fuel costs are cut to a minimum, CO2 emissions are reduced, and if the ‘recovery team’ turns up late no-one is likely to argue with it/him!

Only kidding, but I couldn’t resist it.

Great Wall is in fact sponsoring the strongman competition ‘Giants Live’ at Leeds on June 23. This is part of the 2012 ‘World’s Strongest Man’ international championship. 
British strongmen taking part include Jay Hughes, Terry Hollands, Laurence Shahlaei and Mark Felix (England), Ken Nowicki (Scotland) and Richard Smith (Wales). 

The photo doesn’t say who this gentleman is, but if I ever do meet him, I’ll be very polite.

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