Saturday 19 May 2012

Rally - MacKay in control

Reay MacKay is leading the Stravaigers Lodge Fort Augustus Gravel Sprint after the first three of the day’s 6 stages here in Inchnacardoch Forest just outside Fort Augustus.

With a borrowed gearbox (he still hasn’t got the parts from Hewland for his own box yet!) in the Subaru WRC, he has a 3 second lead over David Wilson in the Lancer. Mind you, the Highland Hotshot is lucky to be second:  “I spun it just after the Finish on the first stage,” said David, “I thought it was the ‘Pearly Gates’ this time as I was going backwards.” Fortunately not.

Dougal Brown is another 3 seconds adrift in his Lancer so there’s all to play for this afternoon yet.

Young Adam Horne smacked the nose of the Honda Civic on his first run but faither Andy hooked it up to the Transporter’s towbar and pulled it out. The radiator is actually bent, but didn’t burst, so he’s still going.

And running Course Car duties today is former Scottish Rally Champion Jimmy Christie: “I bought back a car I had 5 years ago, an EVO6, and this is its first run out.” As for future plans he said: “I think I’ll do the Speyside then take it from there.”

Fastest Times of the Day (so far after 3 of 6 stages):
1 Reay MacKay (Subaru WRC) 1m 50.4s
2 David Wilson (Mitsubishi EVO9) 1m 53.3s
3 Dougal Brown (Mitsubishi EVO9) 1m 56.4s
4 Kevin Ronaldson (Subaru) 2m 06.6s
5 John MacKintosh (Toyota MR2) 2m 07.0s
6 Ian Cattanach (Talbot Sunbeam) 2m 09.4s
7 Neil Morrison (Talbot Sunbeam) 2m 10.9s
8 Richard Ramsay (Subaru) 2m 11.3s
9 Alasdair Graham (Ford Escort) 2m 12.9s
10 Stephen Ronaldson (Talbot Sunbeam) 2m 13.2s

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