Thursday 10 May 2012

Road - Dead battery!

Come on we’ve all done it, at some time. Letting batteries go flat. Whether it be on a classic car or bike, or just a little used vehicle, the sun comes out, and desire flickers in your driving shoes – but doesn’t when you switch on the ignition!

Anyway, I was taken by this latest gadget from Gunson. Their new  Smart Battery Alert (part number 77119) gadget simply fits on to the battery terminals and constantly monitors the battery voltage.

It doesn’t wait until the battery has gone flat. If the battery voltage drops below 12.2 volts an audible warning is triggered and bleeps every ten seconds.

The unit is small and easily positioned on the top or at the side of the battery and is in the shops at around fifteen quid, a modest outlay for the peace of mind knowing that your pride and joy will be ready and waiting – provided it is stored within earshot of the house!

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