Saturday 14 April 2012

Rally - Bogie leads - again!

With 2 stages gone (the first one stopped and all times were cancelled) in today's Coltel Granite City Rally, David Bogie has taken a narrow 8 second lead over Euan Thorburn. David had a lucky escape though, the Lancer encountering another competitor just off the road round a corner on the second stage, but he was warned just in time and manged to throw the car sideways. The two cars kissed lightly, nothing broke and some touch-up paint out of Halfords should do the trick!

1 David Bogie (Lancer) 13m 02s
2 Euan Thorburn (Focus) 13m 10s
3 Paul Benn (Focus) 13m 41s
4 Bruce McCombie (Impreza) 13m 41s
5 Quintin Milne (Lancer) 13m 42s
6 Barry Groundwater (Lancer) 13m 45s
7 Donnie MacDonald (Lancer) 13m 49s
8 John McClory (Impreza) 13m 49s
9 Stephen Lockhart (Lancer) 13m 55s
10 Alistair Inglis (Lancer) 14m 02s

Mike Faulkner is in 25th place. He dropped over 2 minutes in the first stage: "It was my own fault," said Mike, "just three quarters of a mile in I dropped a wheel into a hole and punctured a front tyre. We had to do the rest of the stage like that and bent a rear suspension arm because of it."

David Wilson is top 2WD runner in 14th place overall in his MkII just one second clear of John Boyd in the Fiesta in 15th place but he's got the MkII of Keith Robathan breathing down his neck only 4 seconds behind.

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